Friday, June 26, 2009

Grand Theft Punto

Quite a few weeks ago now Shelley and I went up to Cambridge to visit (cousin) Jo and (cousin-in-law) Duncan. The plan was to do some punting, which, I soon discovered, is not betting on the puppies, but traveling around in a flat-bottomed boat with a large stick.

That was the simple plan; however, by the time we got up to Cambridge we were met with some terrible (if baffling) news: Jo and Duncan's punt had been stolen and taken for a joy-ride. Reeeeeeally? Who steals a punt? And who takes it for a joy-ride? Apparently that's Cambridge's version of Grand Theft Auto. (Soon to be released on Play Station 3, Grand Theft Punto: you are an unassuming university Fellow and you have to steal as many punts as possible before lectures start...but why?)

Fortunately, by the time Duncan visited the police station the boat had been reported found, in the backyard of nice man who lived nearby. So Duncan and I grabbed the long pole and set off to retrieve the punt. After fishing out numerous Fosters cans, half-eaten strawberries, Champagne corks, a rain-sodden sweater, and other debris, that punt was ready to roll, so we set off down the river and picked up the others.

It really was a very nice day, and punting definitely is the way to see Cambridge. Both Shelley and I had a go at the stick, and I have to say we were pretty good. Honestly, we were frighteningly good. I'm not surprised Shelley was so good, seeing as she was Skipper of her sailing team in high school. Ah yes, no matter how hard I try, I just can't help imagining her in the garb of 'Skipper' from Gilligan's island.

The perils of punting are many, and Jo, an excellent and seasoned punter from way back, was unlucky enough to encounter one of them. Sorry Jo, but that was pretty funny.

This man was startled to learn that the Cuban missile crisis had actually been averted, and that he no longer had to live in the trees.

NB: the iso setting on our camera was way up, which explains (for the most part) why our pictures are so crumby.


bitingmidge said...

Jules, I'm doubly impressed.

Firstly that you have a camera with an iso setting.

Secondly that you know what that is.

Great stuff!

Sweet Olive Press | Helen Evans said...

You kids are looking extra-fabulous in that top picture. Way to rock the Southern shirt in the English countryside, Shell....

(If you guys decide to have kids one day, a high ISO will be your best friend. Little suckers move so fast!)

Jo said...

Loved the day and look forward to the next. This is a fun reminder.

Jo said...

You didn't mention the distressing yobs that bomb dived Shelley ;-)

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