Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Work in Windsor

I like working in Windsor. It's one of those secretly satisfying things to work in a tourist town, but not be the tourist. I get to enjoy all of the exciting touristy things, like peaking into the castle grounds from my office window, and watching the royal guard marching past our windows every day at 10.40am, then back again at 11.00am, without all of the embarrassment of being pegged as a tourist.

Okay, okay. So maybe the people in my work place see it a little differently. I do still run to the windows when I hear the band coming (but they're so jolly!) or when Prince Philip rides out of the castle grounds in his carriage (yet to capture on camera).

This week we've had the Royal Order of the Garter ceremony, and Royal Ascot to keep us on the look out. Dozens of carriages have been regularly leaving and re-entering the castle, and the Queen has been driving in a procession, along with her husband and many other Royals (Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Peter Phillips, Sophie, and Prince Edward to name a few) to Ascot at 1.30pm each day.

What will she be wearing today?

The view from my 'old' office... And I thought that was good?

The view from sitting at my computer.

From my closest window.

From the ground.


Anonymous said...

What about the view if you were sitting at your desk, but slightly to the left of the computer, kind of in line with the filing cabinet? I think you left out some important angles, Shelley. Too much work and not enough blog writing. K

Sweet Olive Press | Helen Evans said...

I think the guy on the front horse in the last photo recognises you.