Monday, January 12, 2009


In October last year Az and Sue came over for a visit, and we all went off to Paris and Barcelona for a week of monkeying around. After being cooped up in India for so long, they were pretty much foaming at the mouth to get into things.

(For those of you who don't know, Aaron was bitten by a rabid monkey in India; hence all the golden puns.)

So, Dear Photo Diary:

The week started off with my birthday, which we celebrated four days after Aaron's Birthday From Heck in India. If you click on the link, you'll see how Mum likes to double-up on the present ideas some years.

I still like to think about these beers. After making it out to our Barcelona hotel from Girona Airport (no, it's not the best airport to fly into by the way), we wanted beer very badly. Aaron, who was apparently delusional with thirst, appears to be having a conversation with Shelley's drink.

"Hey, is that Jesus?" asked Sue. No, probably not.

Sorry Sue, you know I had to tell the story sooner or later. We came across this sculpture in Girona, and Sue, unfortunately for her, asked the question while standing next to me. I, like the rest of my siblings, like to ridicule and deride people whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We went to a few cathedrals in Barcelona and Paris, and this was not a one-off: coin-operated vigil machines. Put in a coin, light up a bulb - holy request delivered!

Sagrada Familia from within the Sacred Family Restaurant.

We visited a very impressive rummage sale in Barcelona. Almost everything for sale was very weird, from a kindly KKK member keeping vigil over children and livestock, to a mounted hog's head that seemed to find everything funny.

I must be happy about something other than the 5 Euro Happy Hour. Unhappily, these were by far the cheapest beers we found in Paris.

Cheap wine and a three-day growth. We made it out to the Eiffel Tower with some wine and plastic cups. Unfortunately it started to rain; however, it soon stopped, so we sat under a tree and drank.

Fun times, fun times.


bitingmidge said...

Note to file: Perhaps there is a reason to go into one of those Scottish Hamburger Shops after all.

Fantastic photo of the golden arches, shame about all that rubbish in the background.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Brilliant photos!! I do hope Shelley is making a book, or a film set to cool music, or both.

I've been waiting for you to write about Barcelona. Now, what about the rest?