Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If I Could Just Switch It Off

I went out for a haircut the other day, to some random place on Putney High Street.

My hair dresser was friendly; he was about 25 and pretty talkative. As usual, he asked me what I did for a living. I said I was a teacher, so he told me a story about how one of his high school teachers (upon transferring from the school) had asked him out on a date. Now I thought I had seemed suitably shocked at his story, but I must have been egging him on somehow.

"So have you ever, you know, wanted to get it on with one of your students?" he asked.


"Mmmm, no."

"Oh, but I'm talking about if they're like 17 or 18, you know, and really fit," he clarified. "I mean you can't really just switch it off, can you."

Yeah, I can. It must be some super-human power, but it's one of the reasons I've avoided imprisonment thus far.

Later on he asked me if I owned a hair straightener (unacceptable). I told him I didn't, but that my wife did (acceptable). He seemed taken aback and a little embarrassed to hear that I had a wife.

"And here I am asking if you'd get it on with a student!" he said.

Yeah, if only I didn't have a wife. And if I could just switch it off.


Ben said...

You must be a super human :)

Some of the teachers (female and male)I know have admitted to finding some students attractive.

Thankfully these said teachers are also sensible and don't have a desire to act on it.

PS> Having a hair straightener is very acceptable if you have hair that requires it :P

bitingmidge said...

Did you ask him what's the point of having a hair straightener if the rest of you is..... no forget it!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You mean Shelley didn't snatch you from the jaws of a life of crime and/or moral turpitude? Awwww rats. She could've whipped that little gem out at the end of every argument.