Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Different Models, Same Distinction

On our recent trip to Paris with Aaron and Sue, we stopped in at the official Peugeot shop on the Champs-Élysées. In amongst all the Peugeot salt & pepper grinders and BBQ sets was this little car.
It kind of reminded me of my first Peugeot.

Yes, it was a cool Azure on the body, a dazzling orange on the two front guards, and all topped-off with a blazing white bonnet to really drive it home. No-one ever said, I think I saw you driving on such-and-such a road the other day. They knew.

And I knew.

And the police knew.


bitingmidge said...

... and even better, I knew!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

At least Shelley must've been used to it. You can thank us (Kath and me) for laying the groundwork by being delivered daily to MBC in a Citroen DS with panels in five colours *plus* pink panel-beating / rust-proofing prep paint. It really raised our positions in the gentle pecking order that is high school life.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

(PS: Peter makes an excellent point. Fathers everywhere are jealous. And Reed felt I laughed too much at your post, and had to pull my hair to redirect my attention.)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember, Jules, that as a child you said you would never drive a car but travel everywhere by hot air balloon. I always figured your peugeot was some harking back to that pledge - being just as inconspicuous and all.

When I first saw that 504 mum cryptically whispered "Don't talk to him about it - I think he got a very big fright." Was it the product of an accident?

julesandshell said...

Oh yes I remember Anonymous, and what's more I still think silent air travel is a worthy idea.

And yes, launching through a traffic island and into oncoming traffic will give you a fright, though not as much of a fright as it will give your mother, apparently.

Bah! Fright - I was pretty much a Hell's Angel back then.