Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flats and Exams

Everything just seems to work out. Sometimes.

I cast my memory back a couple of weeks ago when we and Team Thomas were lazing about in Greenwich Park, talking direly about our chances of finding the right flat in time. We had just spent the best part of our Saturday viewing flats which all had just a little something wrong with them. Gerrod consoled us: "Well, I think as long as we find a flat by, say the 15th, we'll be OK. After that we'll start to worry."

So, last night we signed the lease on our new place in Putney, and what was the date? I'll leave you to work that out. Too slow, it was the 15th!

Yes, things just seem to work out a lot of the time. It reminds me (and perhaps Kristy) of a certain debacle in my third year of uni (or rather, the debacle that was my third year of uni), when I failed to show up for a final business exam. Now, I wasn't trying to make a statement by doing this, I had just mistakenly believed the exam to be 24 hours later than it actually was. So the day after the exam (after making use of every hour during which the exam was actually conducted) I woke up, checked the internet, and to my horror discovered that I was running approximately 19 hours late. No matter how quickly you get dressed, you just can't make up that kind of time.

After much convincing from Mum, I finally decided to go in to uni to plead my case with the lecturer. I didn't hold out much hope; I certainly wouldn't let me sit the exam with such an excuse.

But au contraire mon frere! When I finally tracked the lecturer down things started looking decidedly up. Sure, he swore at me a fair bit, asked if I was on drugs (I too felt it made sense that I should be), but in the end he sent me downstairs to have a cup of coffee before I sat the exam.

So I bought a cup of coffee...and then I called Kristy, who helped me on the first question. Or two? Bad Kristy! No, I appreciated it, and I didn't feel too guilty about it either, seeing as I knew (as I think Kristy did as well) that I wasn't going to be much competition to any of my peers in the business world. Don't worry people, I really didn't do that well.

So anyway, the gist of it is that we got a flat, and things seem to work out a lot of the time.


bitingmidge said...

World Youth Day is happening in Sydney at the moment, so I suppose you needed to make a confession so you didn't feel left out eh?

Enjoy the move!

P ;-)

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Nine-teen-HOURS. Whoa. I'm sure Mum must've breathlessly told me the story at the time, but clearly I'd forgotten.

You *deserved* to be allowed to sit the test, just for being brave enough to 'fess up to the lecturer and argue your case. A+ for negotiation, Jules.

Your flat is amaaaaazing and I still not-very-secretly want to move in with you. It's all reinforcing my belief in Santa Claus prayers ... which probably isn't the perfect take-home message, but eh.