Saturday, July 26, 2008

Backdate of Blogs: Cotswolds

You've read the blog, now see it for yourself: Gerrod, Kristy, Julian and Shelley on their Cotswolds weekend 21-22 June.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Shelley, I'm now convinced that my life would be at least 30% cooler if you made films of it.

Nice work.

Shelley said...

Thanks Helen! It was a really fun weekend.

Ben said...

I like the fancy finger work Julian. The stepping backwards was inspired.

There were 2 things wrong with that video though:

a) I wasn't in it. I'll send you some stock footage that you can use in future episodes.

b) Gerrod's red underpants.

Seriously tho, great work! Was fun to watch.

bitingmidge said...

More movies please!

Although a little sad that there were no boats.....

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Shell said...

Don't worry, there might be some boats in the next one. No Ben though. How quickly can you get me that stock footage?

gerrod said...

Top video Shelley... ahh, the memories... !

PS: For the folks that didn't look too closely to the dude dancing in the pink dress... THAT WAS A DUDE! IN A PINK DRESS!