Friday, June 01, 2007


My desire to bake things has a habit of hitting me quite hard all of a sudden. I can go for weeks with no baking, and then, BAM! I have to bake several desserts in one day. I had a particularly deadly week about 2 weeks ago, and nearly killed both Julian and myself in the process. Eating 2-3 serves of dessert each day, we managed to finish off my cooking in a little over a week.
The cocoa over here is so much richer and more chocolaty than we get in Australia. I made a chocolate self-saucing pudding that almost made me sick... and that is saying something. The cheesecakes were an invention (inspired by Stuart's farewell cheesecakes) that were quite difficult to achieve without any kind of beater or whisk- I felt like I had gone back in time- whipping the mixture for an hour with a fork. It was worth it though.
Anne and Fred have just received their ship load of wedding presents, that, amongst other things includes baking ware. Before they left today, they gave us an open invitation to go crazy with their new kitchen equipment. Any suggestions?


gerrod said...

Either a pavlova or a sand cake as a welcome present for when we arrive, please :-)

Shelley said...

Sand cake? I must say that doesn't sound too nice gerrod... can I have a recipe please?

sue lewis said...

Your peacan pie rocks so I say go with that!

gerrod said...

Straight from Mum, with reformatting or anything:

185g butter. 2teasps.vanilla essence. 11/4 cups castor sugar. 3eggs. 1/3 cup milk. 11/2 cups s.r. flour. 1/3 cup cornflour.
Combine all in medium bowl then beat on medium speed for about 3 min. or until smooth and changed n colour.
Bake in mod oven for about 45 min. (23cm slab pan lined with grease paper.) Stand for about 5 min before turning out of tin.

bitingmidge said...

Shelley, Shelley, Shelley - you and your sweet tooth!