Thursday, June 07, 2007

Camden Town

We have been up to little things only in the last week. On Saturday, Julian and I took attempted to check out Camden Town Markets for the second time, and were successful in finding many many more stalls and sites than on our previous attempts... i cannot believe we missed it last time. I guess we were both tired and our hearts weren't really in it.

I really love these markets- I particularly love going through all of the cheap clothes and shoes stores/stalls, (while Julian grumbled behind me until I was forced to move on), while Julian personally preferred the second hand (or 'antiques') section. There was something there for everyone. Food lovers (particularly if you like doughnuts), punks and tourists alike.

The food section was something to behold- all of the foreign store workers pushing their tongs towards you with samples- try this, try this... and should I mention the 'town crier' (who looked like Santa clause) who, instead of yelling out 'here yea, hear yea,' yelled: 'hey Yeah, hey Yeah!'

Twas a good day. That evening we had a really authentic Thai dinner experience with Nick and Michelle (a cousin-in-law's brother and his wife) and Fred and Anne, lots of spicy food, yum.


Sue Lewis said...

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Camden Markets 2nd time around. Aaron & I visited them during our brief stop in London & they were truly one of my favorites. I would have bought so much stuff from there if I thought I could have carried it the rest of the way home but with 3 more stops to go I decided I couldn't. I want to hear in detail any purchases you did make. Again I'm so ridiculously jealous.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Jules? Grumbling?