Monday, June 11, 2007


Good Curry on Friday Night.

Saturday proved itself to be a great day, when Julian and I headed to London Bridge to catch up with the old Manly Crowd. We were sure our mothers would be thrilled to see Jen and husband Ralph, Alice (on her way back home from France) and Julian and myself together half a world away. After some walking, some freaky statues, and a new jacket later (I have been pestering Julian for 5 weeks for this Jacket), we found ourselves in a nice pub on the northern bank of the Thames. We had a great afternoon, and decided to kick on in style at the Mayflower, a cute little pub that the ‘Mayflower’ used to dock at before it’s voyage to the US of A. Apparently, men used to get drunk in the pub and pass out, and when they woke up, they were on a ship for another country as the newest recruits of the British Navy. We made sure not to hit the booze too hard while we were there… A couple of good burgers later we realized that 6 chatty catch-up hours had passed, and it was time to brave the London buses home- quite the scary experience actually- those drivers are like maniacs on the road.


bitingmidge said...

Yes, indeed, it has made this mother very happy to see all the Manly friends having a great time in London together. And yes, we Mums have all chatted about the get together on the phone. Smiles all round.
Mum ( Shelley's mum that is.....)

Helen Heathwood said...

Here is another happy mother very excited about all of you getting together in London. As Jo says the event has generated many phone calls and emails. lovely to see a photo.