Thursday, May 31, 2007

Other stuff that happened

Well it has been a while. We’ve grown in so many ways. Anyway, I’ll give a brief run-down of what we’ve been up to over the past few days.

On Friday night: (After the bleeding nose). Went to the Pigalle jazz club in Piccadilly. Fred later informed us that that’s the name of a swanky brothel in Paris. Swanky brothels in Paris must be really expensive, because some guy there tricked us into paying four pounds for a bottle of water. The band there was really good. Unfortunately there was dancing, and after Shelley became hysterical with her pleas I finally gave in to the music. It was fun though. I trod on the same waiter’s foot twice. “Suffer in you jocks!” I said, and then twirled Shelley around into the centre of the dance floor.

On Monday: Went to the Churchill Museum and War Rooms. This is one of the few museums I would actually recommend people go and see. Now, as most of you would agree, I’m not the first person you think of when it comes to running off to war (is it because of the bleeding noses?). But I don’t know, Churchill’s speeches were really good. I was really feeling the call to arms. I wanted to go and fight someone on a beach (he-he. Just imagined kicking sand in someone’s face for no reason). Anyway, I was inspired, but alas, behind my time.

On Tuesday: I walked around various places trying to feel cultural while Shelley had a rest at home. Shelley was right and I was wrong.

On Wednesday: Went to Greenwich. It’s a very nice town to walk around, and I’m sure you’d feel very cool if you lived there. Unfortunately it was raining the entire time we were there, so it cut short a lot of the walking. Found a really cool ‘Hi-Fidelity’-type record store there as well. You know it’s really cool if you haven’t heard of about 80% of the bands in stock.

We didn’t go up to the Royal Observatory because we’re going back with some other friends in about a week’s time, and wanted to save ourselves. Well that’s a big hill to climb twice. Maritime museum was OK, but fell victim once more to hunger and walking pains.

On Wednesday night: Went to Half Moon in Putney. This is one of the clubs the Beatles played at, just by the way. Saw two acts, of which the supporting act (The Ryes) was a lot better. That’s damning with faint praise – they were actually really, really good. I think they could be famous some day. And only five pounds – I was entertained.

So long.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

So that I understand correctly: next time I'm in London I can either

a) have a spot of water at Pigalle


b) spend £1 more, and see an awesome band play where the Beatles used to be

Hmm. What to do, what to do.....

bitingmidge said...

Yep. The war rooms, put the awe into awesome really. Must have been great times..... hmmmm.

J&S said...

Finally, some pictures- must get a bit quicker at this. The churchill museum entrance was through a small 'bunker' at the bottom right hand side of the picture. the statue- well, what can i say... i really find it funny to see birds sitting on the heads of statues.
As for the war rooms- they were good, but i felt it was a little too distant for me- every room was behind a glass wall- it would have been a much better experience if the rooms were just roped off so you felt as though you were actually in them. It also made it difficult to get good pictures. Worth seeing though.