Sunday, February 09, 2014

In Search of a Fuly Sik Car

These past two weeks, Shelley and I have been searching for a car to buy.

It's easy to find a great car when you're willing to spend the right amount of money, but we're not, and so for us it's been a hard slog trawling the internet and car yards.

To be fair, it's not been all bad. Reading the car user forums, for instance, has offered some laughs. Take this grateful chap, talking about his recent windfall of a Toyota Camry:

"I inherited this car a few months back, literally owned by a little old man." 

 And this guy, singing faintly the praises of his Peugeot 306:

"I have owned a peugeot 306 estate HDI Diesel for more than 3 years and have to say that I have been surprised by how I have grown to like the car. I initially bought this estate car to suit my hobby carrying model aircraft ..."

Shelley and I did actually look at a Peugeot, a 307, and even drove across town to do so. However, despite having confirmed with the salesman over the phone that the car was still available, we arrived to find its price mysteriously inflated.

"Oh no," said the salesman wearing an open-necked shirt, gold chain and bejewelled sunglasses. "That one on the internet was a different silver Peugeot 307—I sold it on the weekend. But this one's a nice car too …"
At first I assumed he was lying, trying to take us for a couple of grand more, but then I saw his car out front and I thought, no, he seems an alright guy.

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