Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Wormwood Scrubs

On Saturday, Shelley and I walked to Wormwood Scrubs to pick some blackberries.

On the way through North Kensington, we found these ponies in a corral beneath the freeway. They were very dismissive of us for not having brought food, but they seemed to be having a fine time otherwise.

Wormwood Scrubs lived up to its name. Most of the park is wide open space, but it's all scrubby around the edges, like this:

We spent some time fruitlessly searching for berries. Most of the them seemed to have been eaten by frugal park-goers or, even more infuriatingly, birds.

Eventually, though, we happened upon a hole cut in the border fence, and on the other side we found an Aladdin's Cave of berries. We split up and picked happily for some time, prancing about with our wicker baskets and singing tra la la.

Then Shelley stumbled upon a tent in the bushes, whereupon we decided it would be best to stick together, pick faster and be less happy. No more tra la la.

Still, we got out with quite a stash.

At home I used the berries to make a fairly large tart.

And then, feeling oddly insecure about myself after all that berry-picking and tart-making, I immediately recaulked our shower.

What a well-rounded guy!

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