Monday, February 14, 2011

What's My Name?

Xhesika. Say it: Xhesika.

You get some pretty weird student names on class registers, as I've no doubt mentioned before. I'm considering naming my child Döginafinĕjackēt, just to mess with supply teachers of the future.

No matter how ridiculous the name on the register, if I pronounce it with even the slightest of erroneous inflections, my effort is met with consternation, sighs, tuts, laughter, etc, etc.

And it was so when I came to Xhesika's name on the register. Xhesika. Xhesika; I paused, considered, and gave it my best shot (which, I might add, is formidable):

"Zeseeka?" I called.

The class laughed; over the laughter came the incensed reply:

"It's Jessica!"

Indeed; my fault completely. Please forward my apology to your parents, Mr and Mrs Finechoice, who no doubt still reside at 324 Providingforthefuture Lane, Smartsville.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Good LORD.

If you'd got it "right", I would have considered you a fool.

Like her parents.

Stackhead Deluxo said...

Did NOT see that coming. What about Le-a? The latest name craze in some parts of the US (apparently) Pronounced LeDASHa because the dash ain't silent. Of course.

aubain said...

As someone who's name was butchered endlessly growing up, I salute your efforts!

Abbie said...

and I thought having your name spelt incorrectly your whole life was bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they think you are funny no matter how you pronounce names...

jason said...

Wow - shame on you for not knowing that - I mean what else could it be other than Jessica???

What were they smoking when they came up with that???