Friday, February 18, 2011

This Summer ...

Supply teachers are often left with embarrassingly inane tasks for kids to complete. Sometimes the kids actually complete them.

Today I supervised a year 7 Citizenship class in which the kids were tasked with writing the trailer for a movie. They had to conceive of a storyline, protagonist, antagonist, etc, etc—with one proviso: the movie had to focus on cruelty to animals.

One kid came up with a pretty good one (though it was a little shocking for my taste). I'll translate as best I can:

Three maltreated animals meet and become friends in London. The first is a puma who has lost its habitat to bulldozers; the second is a domestic cat who has lost its good looks to a bucket of acid; and the third is a Golden Retriever who has just lost-out in general to a "metal stick".

Together, these three agree to track down their human tormentors, and dole out some justice of their own—Animal-Kingdom-style.

This summer, justice. has. teeth.


gerrod said...

I'm looking forward to hearing Aubain do the voice over for this :-)

sweetolivepress said...

Genius. And will it be in 3D?

Anonymous said...

A Puma AND a domestic cat hunting prey? I happen to have a 4-yr-old and a 2-yr-old who've spent the past six months rehearsing for just this role. It would break both sub-clauses of the rule about never working with small children or animals, but I don't think you'll find more dedicated feline predators than Poss and Peg.

Jules said...

And I woud hire them in an instant. I only ever hire method actors, and they sound like method actors of the first order. If Daniel Day-Lewis is available for the part of the Golden Retriever, we've got ourselves a picture.