Friday, October 15, 2010

The "With Gusto" Get-Out Clause

The other night as Shelley and I neared a street crossing, I noticed a rapidly approaching moped. After glancing at Shelley, and calculating her speed to be roughly equal to that of the moped, I decided to grab her arm at the curb. This was a poor calculation on my part.

Shelley was indignant. Apparently, she had seen the moped approaching, but was planning to stop "with gusto".

I think this is surely a tool for life: if ever you are pointed out to be doing something remotely unwise, just claim that you were about to do exactly the opposite, "with gusto".

e.g. when found poised over the toaster with a fork, simply say, "I was about to return the fork to the drawer, with gusto".

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