Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saw Froat

Shortly after being denied the privilege of leaving the classroom for a drink of water, the young lad produced a parental note, the craftsmanship of which I felt privileged to behold.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Must be the mother's anxiety about Jason's "saw froat" caused her handwriting and spelling to regress.

Touching, really.

bitingmidge said...

Did you refer him to the saw doctor?

It was probably an evil genius wanting to get his work published on the internet. Even now he's sniggering at the ease with which he obtained world fame. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate to be mum, but - What did you say then? Also how did he manage to ace 'frequently'?

Jules said...

Well that's what puzzled *me*.

I looked at him for a while with my Stone-Cold face (you'll know it when you see it), as he beseeched me ("Wha'? Wha'?") I then queried him on the spelling, at which point he got upset, and went to sit on the carpet in the corner of the room. This was funny, because he presented the move (sitting in the corner) as a form of rebellion, completely unaware of any irony.