Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Face-In-Hole Update

With these fine offerings from Ngong Ping in Hong Kong, Gerrod and Kristy have prompted us to update the face-in-hole database.

Other notable (though slackly updated) entries include Dan, as Unusually-Clothed Man at the Greek Festival in Brisbane — Opa!

Halle, as Large-But-Cheap Hotdog in Ikea, Brisbane;

And us, as Bearskin Guard and Paddington Bear outside the British Museum. To tell the truth, Gerrod and Kristy found this one as well, but whose blog is this anyway? The only one we really found by ourselves was this poorly-scaled excuse on Putney High Street:

Disappointing. And moderately confusing.


gerrod said...

Gold. Solid gold.

Squirrel said...

We're doing our best, but it's slow work.

helen said...

They were phoning it in with the Big Dance one, weren't they. Dodgy.

On the other hand, Adelaide is very concerned about Aunt Shelley's (lack of) height in the Paddington one. It is perhaps too convincing?