Monday, August 09, 2010

Apple Genius

Overheard an Apple "Genius" trying to sell a macbook pro to a helpless woman:

"So here in front of us we have the macbook pro, and over there [two-handed gesture to the other side of the room] we have the white macbook. Can you tell me what the difference is between the two?"

[blank stare from woman]

"No? Well, this silver one here is actually made of aluminium, which is the same stuff that aeroplanes are made of — that means it will be extremely light."

I didn't hang around to hear what pearl he came out with next, but man, that guy knows how to impress a lady!


bitingmidge said...

And the white one is made of plastic, which makes it invisible in snow!

So you went to the new Apple store eh? To look at the staircases?

Abbie said...

Well I'm glad someone finally explained it to me...

helen said...

It's so hard for a Genius to communicate with a Mere Mortal. He's just relieved he didn't have to tell her not to be afraid of the mouse.