Saturday, January 16, 2010

La Snow!

On New Year's Day, our last morning in France, we woke up to snow. We had been expecting to wake up to snow for sometime, but, in true snow fashion, it managed to surprise us.

We were so pleased with the snowfall that we decided to personify it in the form of an immobile fat man, and take pictures of ourselves with it as if we were good friends. I recall this now with a tinge of regret, as, going by the look on his face, I think the snowman thought we really were friends.

After a while this grew tiresome, so Fred decided to throw a compacted snowball at the back of my skull. This was apparently a French way of signaling that fun was about to ensue. I threw one back, which was a mistake, as this turned an open-and-shut case of assault into a harmless 'snowball fight'. It is unwise for a subtropical Australian to get involved with a Continental European in a snowball fight. In a war of attrition, experience counts for a lot. It would be fair to say I never got off the back foot, and became very attrished, very quickly.

And this is me enjoying a hot chocolate post-snow adventures, Great Gatsby Style.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

He is *definitely* more impressive than the first snowman you ever built in Europe. I'd like to see a picture for comparison, actually.

I wish I'd seen the snowball fight. Very much.

bitingmidge said...

It's taken me all this time since you posted that Gatsbyesque picture to stop laughing enough to tell you I've stopped laughing now.

(Only one of us has stopped laughing thus far.)