Friday, September 11, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, Shelley and I set off on a monster drive with Peter and Jo to the north-western tips of Scotland, and beyond. It was a considerable drive, so we had plenty of time to sharpen our skill sets.

For example, I chose to hone my foreign accent skills. I've always wanted to be good at accents, but, sadly, have always failed in my half-baked attempts. So I took this opportunity to immerse myself in the Scottish accent, with some impressive results. (When I say 'immerse myself in the accent' I actually mean, immerse myself in two sentences - but they were good ones.)

Warning to Australian internet users! First video is 29MB, and second video is 16MB, so if you have to ration yourself go for the second one.

So I could use this one if I came across a good view:

And this one if I wasn't sure which condiments I could use:

This is me venturing deep into the western moors. I was having a lot of fun until I stumbled across an adder coiled up between some tufts of grass. I was startled, but the adder wasn't; it just lifted its head as if it were looking at me through bi-focals. I skidaddled.
So, Scotland is very beautiful, but very big. No, it's not as big as Australia, you scoffers, but it feels big. It doesn't have roads that go in a straight line for 760 kms, but it does have windy roads that go a long way. And it has big mountains. And that's my entry in the guide book.

Gee this was a very Julio-centric post, yet I won't apologise.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Allow me to share Adelaide's reaction: "HAHAHAHAHA! Can you do it again? Do it again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is very funny. Why did Oncle Jules say EXCUSE me? Play it. Play it, Mommy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Do it again. We'll have to tell Daddy. Play it."

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

We have now played these about 40 times. If you were on YouTube you'd be among the most popular by tomorrow.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Why does Oncle Jules want salt and pepper free?"

Aaron Lewis said...

NOOO! Even if you are 'rationing' look at the first one! The first time I saw it I said that's the clip for me.

julesandshell said...

Julian tried the accent out on a couple of Scots while we were there. They, of course, were doubled in laughter at first, but once calmed down said that his accent was 'very good'.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Berry is STILL asking for multiple repeat viewings today. I'm starting to wish you'd immersed yourself in more than two phrases...

Jo said...

I love it Jules. I could only see the first one and I had to watch it again. It actually made me laugh out loud - and that's hard to do. :-)