Saturday, September 05, 2009

Nobody Owns the Moon

Last Christmas my sister Kath gave me a book called 'Nobody Owns the Moon'. It's a kids' book, and I like it a lot. Kath said she chose it because the two main characters (a fox and a donkey) reminded her of me and Shelley.

Clive the fox (Shelley) and Humphrey the donkey (Julian) are good friends who live in the same city. Clive leads a successful life of cunning from his urban dwelling, whereas Humphrey (not for lack of trying) struggles to maintain a fixed address.

When Humphrey finds a mysterious blue envelope, Clive convinces him not to eat it, but to instead use the tickets inside to attend a new play called 'Nobody Owns the Moon'. The tickets also entitle Clive and Humphrey to a free beverage and slice of cake. Humphrey weeps tears of joy.

So today, when Shelley (pouncing on a client's cancellation) scored really good tickets to the England vs. Slovenia match at Wembley, I was reminded of the book. I just hope hope we're also entitled to a free beverage and slice of cake.

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Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

It looked so appealing, I tried to find it on Amazon -- alas, only used copies. I'll have to be more creative...

Was your free-ticket experience splendid?