Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I guess you could call this snow

To those of you who are familiar with snow, this may not be so impressive. It was worth a little snow dance outside for me though, when I woke up on a Sunday to find snow outside. Okay, so maybe Julian had to tell me there was snow outside. I was so cozy with the curtains closed.

The weather here has (unsurprisingly) been getting colder and colder over the past few weeks, and we have had two 'snows' already with sleet expected this week.


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bitingmidge said...

We have our own sort of frost here too. Actually I've been looking for windows with Santa Snow on them to photograph, without success, I suspect that it is just another victim of climate change!

On the other hand, today I have posted a picture of summer frost.

Stay warm kiddies.

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