Saturday, November 01, 2008

Who doesn't want to be like Hugh?

My brother-in-law Steve has spent a considerable amount of his adult life being teased by my family for trying to look like Hugh Grant. Although he adamantly denies that the middle-part curly hair look was intentional, it is plain what he was trying to achieve. After all, what male wouldn't want to come across as a bumbling, overly sensitive male.

It seems that Steve is not the only extended member of the Hyndman family to share resemblances to Britain's favourite romantic comedy actor. Julian couldn't wait to compare hand prints. A perfect match.

"This hand is my hand, this hand is your hand. No wait... it's my hand. No wait, that's your hand."

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JenJen said...

I saw and I giggled. Steve saw and...... the look on his face was priceless! Lets just say you're lucky you live on the other side of the world :-) he he he