Monday, November 10, 2008

Mud Larking

A few weekends ago Gerrod and I went mud larking (scavenging for treasure) in the Thames at Putney. It was about 7AM when we descended the boat ramp in our gum boots. The air was brisk and the was mud was laid bare, abandoned by the falling tide, undefended and helpless!

Now, we didn't find any Spanish coins or Tudor relics (I don't think Putney has the rich history of some other parts of London), but it was a lovely walk. It was a stunning morning, and if you're like me and want nothing more than to avoid the crowds, low-tide in the Thames at the break of dawn is the place to be. (There may also be other places, but this is certainly one.)

We found a few things, including a razor scooter, a cordless drill, and miniature Buddah statue (complete with price tag on the back), but sadly, nothing ancient or priceless. Perhaps Greenwich is the place to look for that stuff. Next time. But as I said, it was a lovely walk.


bitingmidge said...

I hope you kept the Porche!

Lovely pic that one, with the rising sun and the glowing red tee shirt. A sort of toxic wasteland aura.


gerrod said...

It really was a lovely morning. I was glad we picked up that scooter to aid our commute home.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

That's a sunrise worth trudging around in the mud for.

Stace said...


Aaron Lewis said...

I wish someone would pay me to do that so I didn't have to go to work as well.