Sunday, September 07, 2008

Croatia: Dubrovnik

On the second night of our Croatia trip we docked in Dubrovnik, a really beautiful walled city that dates back to medieval times.

Dubrovnik was probably my favourite of all the Croatian cities; in fact, if I were forced (by time-travellers) to live in any medieval city, I would choose this one. (I imagine such an exchange would end like this: "OK, OK, I will live in a medieval city...but it must be Dubrovnik".)

This city had it all: a free healthcare system, the first municipal garbage collection in Europe, and a 40-day quarentine period for anyone entering the city (no black death for me or my peeps). I would probably live a long and prosperous life, providing I had some kind of practical trade to fall back on (oh).

We saw these guys in the town centre: a family of three (there's another person in there behind the window display), decked-out in striped shirts buying more striped shirts from the striped shirt shop. I bet they couldn't believe their luck.

We took a couple of hours to walk round the city wall as the sun was setting, so we got some really nice views. The Serbs shelled Dubrovnik back in 1991 (what is it with the Serbs and shelling things?), so many of the roof tiles have been replaced.

When we got to the final lookout on the wall, we found what appeared to be a hole that led to the centre of the Earth. Dark and mysterious holes really take my fancy for some reason, so I had to find out just how dark and mysterious this hole really was. Pretty dark and mysterious. I threw a coin down there to gauge it's depth, and that sucker just kept going until I couldn't hear its cries anymore. Deep hole.

I imagine at the bottom you would find something like this:

Here's a picture of us:


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Happiness. This was worth the wait.

But don't test my patience so long next time.

laura moroney said...

Jules is that a mo or is something fluffy stuck on your lip?

I was laughing so much I couldn't read the story about the striped shirt family to Tim properly.......ahahahha crack me it sad that that's one of the funniest things I have read recently?