Friday, June 20, 2008

Mowing is for chumps

It seems that all of London has decided that mowing is unnecessary at the moment. Over the past few months, overgrown hedges, parks and heaths have taken over what used to be well groomed and tidy spaces. Often, a foot-wide strip is mowed into fields for pedestrians to walk through. My inferences about the reasons for this apparent laziness are:

1. It is some crazy quick growing time that people want to wait out so they don't expend any extra energy.

2. The grass seeds need some time to spread their seeds lest the whole field die.

3. People like to wait until the grass is completely dry (therefore no rain) until they mow.

Does anyone have a better suggestion?


gerrod said...

People need a reason to be lazy? Who could be bothered coming up with an excuse?

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

All of London just needs a hoss.

Boffy could've taken care of that in a New York minute. Or, you know, at her leisure...