Saturday, March 29, 2008

About Leicester Square Bars, and Not Liking Them

Last night we went out with Shelley's work friends to 'celebrate' the end of term in Leicester Square. I put celebrate in inverted commas because there isn't much fun about going to a packed bar in Leicester Square on a Friday night. Maybe it's just me.

For a start, it's so packed and loud that the bar wenches (and they are wenches), instead of saying 'excuse me', simply push you in the back when they want to get by. It didn't make me feel like I belonged.

Secondly, £4 beers just aren't for me. At least, not too many of them are for me.

And lastly, I'm not too good at having conversations in those environments. My voice is too low a frequency to be heard above background noise, and I really can't hear what anyone else is saying (I think the amount of hair insulating my ears contributes to this). One girl who was going to visit Australia later in the year commented that "the jet lag will be bad"; "Mmmm," I responded knowingly, "January is hot". Another guy was showing off pictures on his phone of him with famous people (Mike Tyson was among them), and asked, "Have you seen the movie 'Snatch'?" "You've got a picture with Slash!?" I exclaimed. He looked at me like I was an idiot.

On the way back to the station an old lady shoulder barged Shelley, and then began whining loudly about how much Shelley had hurt her, as if we were going to cave in and make an out-of-court settlement with her. Silly people; silly Leicester Square.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Yeah, that Shelley's such a big brute, I can't believe the old lady survived. (Honestly, exactly HOW little does a little-old-lady need to be, in order to suffer damage from shoulder-barging Shelley?)

Jules, in the bar you should've reverted to the old stand-by line you used to use whenever you couldn't hear me properly on the phone: "Hahahaha. Yeah."

bitingmidge said...

This post is useless without pics.
Shelley is the one with clothes on.

Well done Shell, play on.


Anonymous said...

2 things:
First Shelley can be surprisingly forceful and violent given the right circumstances and clearly the old lady had it coming. Don't apologise & next time make sure you knock her out properly, she won't be able to complain.
Second, Julian doesn't know what's going on around him at the best of times, so in a bar? with music and cool people trying to make conversation... you are right Julian, it's not for you.
Love you guys ;-) #Mister crab strikes again mmmmmais oui!