Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sausage anyone?

At dinner last night, Dad decided he couldn't quite finish that last Algerian sausage, so resolved to squirrel it away for the long winter of tomorrow. (When it comes to food, Dad is always preparing for the long winter of tomorrow, both in the amount he wants to eat, and in the amount he wants to store.) We did have cling wrap, but that didn't seem to have any appeal when there was a cupboard full of glass tumblers.

Now, in this instance (and a few others like it) Dad could be described as any number of things. The polite options are:

a) eccentric;
b) lazy;
c) eccentricly lazy; or
d) lazy in his eccentricity.

Actually, scratch d); he always seems to give 100% in that respect.


bitingmidge said...

Why was there no option for "complete genius"?

There are cemetaries in the world that are so overcrowded that they have taken to burying people on end.

Similarly, the footprint of a sausage is substantially less on end than laid to rest in the more usual way.

You'll fit a lot more sausages in, if you keep stacking them vertically!

Well done to the old fella I say!


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I have never seen a sausage in a tumbler. That was worth getting up at 5.30 for. In a fairly appalling sort of way.

(Although I admire Peter's charitable interpretation, your fridge really doesn't look crowded enough to warrant upright burial. In glass.)