Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

When we set out on our driving holiday, we had just found out that it was the first day that there was a high likelihood of snow in London. Having never seen snow falling from the sky before, I was a little annoyed to be leaving London for the south (where snow was not expected). Needless to say I was a bit anxious about missing out on this once a year phenomenon. But all was well- as we were driving down the Motorway, little white dots bounced off our windscreen. We promptly pulled up in the nearest truck stop to run around in the tiny flecks of slush that were falling from the sky. Hopefully no one saw us.

In our three days of driving, we visited Canterbury, Sandwich (unfortunately we did not eat a sandwich in Sandwich), Deal, Dover, and Tonbridge, driving though all sorts of small country towns of only a few houses. When driving down random country roads, you never know what to expect. Chickens were a welcome surprise.

We had to stop our car, not just to take a photo, but to avoid running over the poor things. In stopping though, we allowed another car to catch up with us, and had to endure it following us painfully closely, until Julian had the brilliant idea of pulling off the road into somebody’s driveway. The driveway belonging to the car behind us.

In our travels we found a little town called Tunbridge Wells, which, apart from a minor parking crisis (we thought our car had been towed- no, we were just looking in the wrong street) was a very pretty little town with its somewhat famous ‘Pantiles’. What we weren’t expecting to find here was the best shop in the world. If you wanted something for your kitchen and it wasn’t here, I doubt very much that you would be able to find it. I reluctantly left the shop with only three items, although had I been a more frivolous person, I would have walked away with their entire cake tin range (a very small fraction of which is displayed in this window). They had two walls just for different types of colanders, 10 different types of garlic crushers, and the largest range of jelly molds I have ever seen. Consider me to be one happy customer.



Jo said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To give you a good reason to write an interesting Blog article. How many driveways in England and you picked theirs!! INCREDIBLE !!!!! The dictionary describes incredible as 1. seeming too extraordinary to be possible: and 2. not credible; that cannot be believed:

It think that sums it up - it could only happen to you Jules !!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I saw my first snowfall in Vancouver when I was at a bus stop. I quickly learned that if you insist on tilting your head back to get the "full experience", you should SHUT YOUR EYES. A big snowflake right in the eye hurts a lot more than you'd think.

gerrod said...

I have to agree with jo... the driveway incident could only happen to you folks!

zoe said...

in other news: i want that ice cream cake tin! and the guitar! wooo mama!!