Monday, January 21, 2008

The Anne Plan: Bradford-on-Avon

Last weekend, Julian and I caught a train up to Bradford-on-Avon to spend the weekend with Anne and Fred. Knowing Anne, we suspected that it would be a weekend of walking around this historic village, seeing lots of sights and enjoying the countryside. The fact that Bradford-on-Avon was flooded hardly seemed to phase the epic walker; I can distinctly remember the moment that our ‘stroll’ became an ‘adventure’. I even took a picture of it.

Okay, so the main walking path was flooded… what else could we do? Turn back? Not likely. We just kept searching for ‘higher ground’, whether that be getting bogged in flooded cow paddocks, attempting to climb up steep and slippery forests by hoisting yourself up with rotting tree branches, or sneaking through people’s private estates.

To Anne’s credit, she did get us back to our B&B safe and sound, and we did get to see some lovely places. Our idea of what makes a good walk may never be the same again.



bitingmidge said...

I have a need to know:

Who was wearing the clown pants in the "boot" shot, and why did they change out of them for the group pic?

I thought maybe they were taking the last picture, but then, having a big red nose would make that difficult. (DAMHIK)

What a difference a month or three makes to a town!


S said...

Okay, so there were 2 days of adventurous walking. And the clown wishes to remain anonymous.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Although I've climbed a mountain with Annie, I've yet to be caught up in a truly epic Anne-Plan. I do hope one day to make it.

I also hope that I'll have some advance warning so I can pack emergency provisions, extra clothes and the phone number of a good lawyer.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I also wanted to know who it was in those pants...