Saturday, December 29, 2007

Power of the Pyramid

No, this is not just a blurry picture of Shelley; if you cast your eyes on the background, you'll see the man wearing a gold pyramid on his head. We stumbled upon this one Christmas Eve, coming back on the tube near Baker St, so we decided to take a covert picture. It's a little hard taking covert pictures with Shelley's camera - it's pretty large; feels about as subtle as this:

So I felt a little uncomfortable. I had a feeling he might to turn on me with glowing yellow eyes and zap me with psycho-kinetic energy: "Noooo pictures!"

He didn't notice, so I felt a little bad. Anyway, it's surprising what people will do - it's an alternative therapy people, look it up!


bitingmidge said...

I'm sure if one of you walked up to him and began a conversation with "Mr Hoffman, I loved you in Tootsie, could I have a photo please?"

He would have been so pyramidafied that he couldn't refuse.

I was going to express my sympathy for him, but it's been a few days since the photo was taken, and if he's not taken the pyramid off, not even to sleep, he's probably better now!

Nice shot kiddoes!


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Oh my!

I would have stumbled into a misguided act of kindness… "Excuse me, someone has left part of a preschool orchestra on your head."

I'm going to have to look that treatment up and tell Nathan, who will ridicule it.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Ok, I just wasted several minutes googling "pyramid treatment" and "pyramid therapy" and the only type I can find is where people lie inside copper pyramid structures or carry crystal pyramids around with them.

Nary a mention of sticking a big triangle to the side of your head. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Allow me to elucidate.

The pyramid is a "three dimensional" object. I'd be willing to hazard a guess that our friend *is* in fact standing under a copper pyramid.

While I know that it appears that he is wearing the less complex "two dimensional" triangle on the side of his head, this is what some would call an "optical illusion." Because of the angle at which the photo was taken, what you're seeing there is just one triangular side of the presumably four-sided (singly-based) pyramid.

That is a Pyra-Vastu pyramid. Pyra Vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and law of the universe. Here you are utilizing your own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Jophes Arthur

(Ok, ok. So I lifted that last part.)

J&S said...

yes, it was a copper pyramid. And for all I know he might have been utilizing his hidden capabilities right there on the tube.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Whoa. Then it's even more disturbing than I thought.

Shelley actually looks concerned that he might use his hidden capabilities on the back of her head. And rightly so.

Anonymous said...

I saw this bloke yesterday at Baker St! He got on the southbound Jubilee Line at about 4pm. I snapped a photo of him too, but it's nowhere near as good as yours. Well done!

Steve Higgins said...

I saw this guy on the tube yesterday too, he got off the Bakerloo line at Baker Street.... I had to Google him, was sure other would be talking about him on the net.

Anonymous said...

This chap lives in Pinner, he is quite often sitting in the window of Cafe Nero scribbling with a mystical looking pen...

julesandshell said...

Ha! That's brilliant, "a mystical looking pen..."

I can't belive what a groundswell of attention this guy has attracted.

Priya said...

Ha ha. My sister and I saw this guy going up the escalator at the Picadilly station. We had a bit of a laugh riot and decided to Google up pyramid-wearing people in the UK and found your page. :D

Mark said...

Spotted pyramid man in Pret, Covent Garden, drawing satanic images in his notepad..

I thought the Pyramid was a lampshade.

Anybody ask him if he has got a light ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jules and Shell

Although it's been a couple of years since you so subtly yet clearly documented the existence of the individual we like to call 'triangle man' as you can see, this chap just keeps on giving the gift of mystery. As I don't commute from Pinner, I've been puzzled by two friends and their strange descriptions and reported sightings until this evening. We've been delighted to discover there is a suitably eccentric explanation - Many Thanks! Katy, Claire and Naureen Pinner

Simon said...

Two years to the day and I saw him on the Metropolitan Line this evening. And many people were doing exactly what you did.

I can't believe he's been doing it for a least two years!!

I too found this by googling. I want to know what it all means!!!!

Anonymous said...

Three years to the day and my friend and I saw him on the Metropolitan line. We too took a shot of him, half amused, half embarassed.
Maybe Pyramid Man will become as famous as Cigar Man?:))

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