Tuesday, May 22, 2007


After a record 2-3 weeks of glorious sunshine, London decided enough was enough and brought out its famous grey sky. Just in time for Julian and myself to be sick with the first of 8 (on average) cold/flus that Australians get when they first come to the UK. (We have both recovered now however). As the previous post states, we finally made it on our tour of Bath etc, after having postponed it two weeks in a row due to our sequence of illness.

On Saturday last, Anne and Fred took us to Richmond Park (an enormouse national parkland), promising us that we would see some of the many wild deer that roam around the parkland. After 2 hours of walking across the park and no deer- Julian and I remained sceptical. Fred kept saying to us "I have never been to Richmand park before and not seen deer, never". We managed to get all of the way across the park and back again before we finally saw the deer- right next to our carpark. The parkland has a beautiful tendered garden in the middle, with some really incredible flowers (I would go on with my flower descriptions, but I am afraid of more torment from a particular sister-in-law). Anyway, let me just say that it was the most impressive park I have been to.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You guys have GREAT photos! My suggestion: if there are incredible flowers, post some pictures of them :)
{nb to everyone, I'm *not* the tormenting sister-in-law, but I do like her}
Also, could you post all the pictures in large size -- I think that would be great.

bitingmidge said...

Torment away Helen!

You blokes look all snuggly and warm at least! :)

I don't mind the pics this size, I click 'em to get full size shots anyway! So who are you going to please?