Thursday, February 15, 2007

Up Up and Away

I am really quite peeved at the moment, as I just finished writing a really long post, and it just disappeared. I mean it... with very little explanation. I am almost too annoyed to continue writing. Anyway, let’s see if I can get over it.

Yesterday was valentines day (as I’m sure you all know). After plan A being literally washed down the drain (okay, not so literally)*, Julian and I initiated plan B- ie. Dinner and a movie at SouthBank. We had dinner at Toscani’s where we experienced poor service and judgement from the wait staff for cashing in on an el-cheap-o dinner deal ($16 for dinner and a movie- Bargain). Unfortunately, their Chicken Pesto (yummy as it was) was served in a very rich, thick cream sauce, not mentioned on the menu. This meant that I could not eat much of the meal at all, and had to rely on Popcorn as my main meal of the evening.

The Movie in question was Deja Vu, which was an entertaining film, which upheld its genre of mystery/thriller. So long as you could ignore the common problems and loopholes encountered by any movie that addresses the space-time continuum, you can really enjoy this movie.

The downside of the Flick, however, was its finishing time, and the fact that I had not researched train timetables for a weeknight. The film finished at 11.10pm, and the next train did not come until 11.58pm. Yep, that’s a 50min wait at SouthBrisbane station when all we wanted was to be fast asleep in bed. Lets just say the alarm clock was not our friend this morning.
How was everyone else’s day/night?

*Plan A was for an evening Kangaroo Pt rock climb


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