Monday, February 19, 2007


As the none of you who read this will be aware, I have re-linked this site to the address. Typing the above address into your browser should bring up this site. Also, I am not currently doing anything with our secondary blog Although a little more sophisticated and 'clean-cut' than this address, it is not very easy to update at this stage as we do not have the internet at home. I am hoping to come up with a third and final blog- When this happens, I will announce the site, and will expect people like you to comment and interact with the site on a regular basis.

I am a little more sane today, as 2 of my 3 bosses have returned from Botswana. This means I occasionally get to converse with a real person during my day. I am quite pleased about this. My fate here, however is still uncertain. I hopefully will find out next week whether or not I have this job until I leave.

I'm off to eat a home made sausage roll. Yum yum.

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