Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Abandoned Underground

For years I have wanted to visit one of London's abandoned tube stations, and so when Shelley and I were offered a free tour of a disused underground stop in Malta, it felt almost too convenient. I smelled a scrupulously baited trap. (A collection of villains plotting round a table: "OK, his weaknesses — baked cheesecake with a biscuit-crumb base, abandoned underground stations ...")  

In any case, I decided it was worth the risk, figuring that if it were a trap then there might also be some cheesecake involved.

Before taking us to the platform, our guide prepped us: "For the those of you who have visited London's Victoria and Piccadilly stations, you will notice a marked similarity between those stations and what you're about to see inside."

I wasn't seeing it.

But it was very interesting. All dug by hand and candlelight in in the 1880s, operational from 1883 until 1929, when Malta ran out of money and decided (erroneously) that buses were better than trains, canning the entire venture.

And here's a cat we found on the way out.

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