Sunday, September 23, 2012


I found some Filipinos in our local Spanish grocer and I had to have them.

If you cast your mind back to 1999, you might remember the earth shook a little as the Philippines expressed its displeasure (through proper diplomatic channels) at the naming of these biscuits.

The Philippines government lodged a diplomatic protest with Spain, the EC and Filipinos manufacturer, Nabisco Iberia. The Philippines Foreign Secretary, Domingo Siazon Jr., was at first reluctant to deliver the protest, reasoning that you didn't hear the Viennese complain about Vienna sausages. (I like to picture him standing at the mail chute, protest in hand, looking pleadingly to his country as a child to an out-of-touch parent.)

Anyway, I love the comedic opportunities the name affords. For example:

"I like to keep some Filipinos in the cupboard in case friends pop over."

"I took some Filipinos to work today and ate them on my tea break."

"I love Filipinos. They're good to dunk."

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