Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy Rider

I was wrong about these Boris bikes—they are now my new favourite things (suck it up, curly straws, it's time to be better).

Shelley and I hired some bikes for the first time this weekend. £1 each for 24 hours of easy riding. £1 for 24 hours, that is, if you get them back to a bay before the 30-minute free period expires. After that, you can wait five minutes, then get them out again. You don't need to ask; that's how we roll.

After overcoming the initial disappointment of not being allowed to stow our three-month-old in the carry basket, we set off through the park. As expected, Shelley commenced with one or two sweet jumps, an outrageous wheel-stand, then something I hadn't even seen before, which she called 'The Spiraling Shar-hee''. Only later did she settle into the humdrum of the bike lane. 

Part way through our ride, we saw some flowers:

I wanted to stay and look at them some more, but Shelley said it was time to ramble on.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Look! There's Shelley, and a bike, and a tree, and none of them are colliding or being hurled at each other!

gerrod said...

I'm as shocked as you are, Helen.

bitingmidge said...

So photoshop has a "sunlight" filter now eh? ;-)