Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don't mention the ...

In Germany, Helen and I visited a coffee roastery for a little a tour and demonstration. The German guy showing us around was extravagantly nice. He smiled almost constantly and was very happy to speak English, despite the odd slip-up.

First, he gave us an overview of the grinding process:

"Depending on the humidity of the day," he said, "you may need to grind the bones differently."

He paused.

"Wait … bones? Bones? No—beans!"

We had a laugh about that. Bones, beans--Yes, we agreed, they do sound similar.

After a few more pointers, we moved out into the roastery. A giant, iron-barrelled monstrosity of a roaster sat in the corner. It was old and from Vienna.

Our German friend pointed to it: "And here is the roaster. It can reach temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius."

Ooh, we said, and he went on:

"Inside the barrel, the people are constantly spinning …"

He stopped and sighed.

"I mean the beans."

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