Thursday, April 14, 2011

Samovar: the hunt is over

Samovar had been calling us for months; last weekend, Shelley, Bryce and I heeded the call and went.

I started with the Kvass, a mildly alcoholic drink that's a favourite of kids in Russia. Kvass translates as "bread drink", which is pretty indicative of its taste. (Yum! This drink tastes like bread! More please!). Actually, it was quite good. Sweet and fizzy with overtones of yeast extract.

We ordered a couple of plates of "Home-Made Dumplings", (which, assuming The Maker slept in China the night before, were true to their name) and a couple of frankfurters.

But the highlight for me came in the form of cottage cheese pancakes (cottage cheese wrapped in a crepe and deep-fried) and cheese cake (the same, but substituting cream cheese for cottage cheese). They could have deep-fried a TV remote in a crepe and it would have been good.

Actually, the cheesecake came "with compliments of the chef"—that's right, the Russians laid it on for free!

See the inner sanctum? Well, that's us inside it.

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Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

It's like they just swept that iron curtain aside for you, isn't it. Victory!!