Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When Homo Sapiens Roamed the Earth ...

Year 8 Science class:

Two boys were engaged in heated debate; as I neared them, one appealed to me for support:

"Sir, aren't homo sapiens a kind of dinosaur?"

"No. They're humans."


Incredulous, he turned to the teaching assistant.

"Miss, homo sapiens are a kind of dinosaur, aren't they?"

Miss didn't even pause to consider. Like a sleepy-eyed monarch signalling the executioner, she nodded, Yes.

I was wrong.


Renae F said...

Well you were wrong! Homo is humans :P Homo Sapiens Sapiens is modern man.

Jules said...

Well, the way I understand it (AND I'm pretty sure I'm correct), we are homo sapiens, as well as being, more specifically, homo sapiens sapiens. (AKA modern homo sapiens descended from archaic homo sapiens.)

Had to defend my honour there!

Anonymous said...

wrong Homo Sapians are definetly not Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were a group of vertabrates which dominated the earth between triassic and late Cretaceous periods.

Homo sapians emerged only in the pleistocene period a full 65.5 million years later !

Anonymous said...

That's right,as soon as humans appear, so does the plasticine