Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Museum of Brands: OXO with milk

Mmm, nothing quite like a quality animal stock cube with warm milk. Thanks again, OXO!

Actually, after chatting a bit with the museum owner, we did soften to the idea. A little. (I'm not saying I reached straight for the milk and beef stock the second I got home, but you know.) He was aghast at our derision of the campaign, informing us that, for many people, OXO with milk was the only way they could get the important nutrients found in meat.

We felt very, very bad. And if you so much as grimaced at the above picture, you should feel bad also. We should all drink OXO with milk as a form of penance. On the count of three . . .

Museum of Brands, Notting Hill.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

I'm going to risk the museum owner's disapproval and side with the non-growing children who don't love it. Really.

Garland said...

I just surfed into the post randomly because my brother just texted me saying he was having a glass of oxo and milk. I thought he had gone completely insane and then he proceeded to tell me that my mum used to make it for him as a child.

Even after seeing this picture I am still in disbelieve that beef stock and milk makes any type of nice drink!