Wednesday, August 04, 2010


(The guy smiling in the background might as well have a thought-bubble reading, Sure you are, Sweetheart; make me some french toast.)

Yes, Shelley and I skipped over to Regent St on Saturday to visit Hamleys, London's 250-year-old, seven-floor, Royally-approved, apostrophe-free toy store.

It was a Saturday, and it was hot and crowded; thus, I can't say I enjoyed it all that much.

I did, however, come across some excellent dolls, like the rocket scientist above, and this one below. I believe these are reproductions of old Barbies (?).

At least their statements were aspirational — some others were straight-out delusional and creepy.


bitingmidge said...

Well you've been to Hamley's, what is there left for you to see?

Squirrel said...

Vintage Barbies Julian!
We even found one that I had as a kid! 1984 barbie.