Monday, August 02, 2010

Farewell, North-Siders

After six years of globe trotting (three-and-a-half of which were in London) the Thomases'es are going home.

Ah, sadness of sadnesses. Last night, Shelley and I joined a host of others to farewell "Gerrard" and Kristy at The Jolly Gardeners, our local pub from Lacy Rd days. With the ghosts of Sticky-Date Pudding and Pub Quiz Defeat haunting every corner, it was a fitting place to take a final self-portrait.

Farewell old friends! We won't ever see you again, as you'll live on the north side of Brisbane, but good luck with all your Northerly endeavours.


gerrod said...

Yes, the north and south side of Brisbane may technically be in the same city, but for some reason I feel we'd have more chance of seeing you whilst you still live in London and we're willing to travel.

Farewell, old friends! For now, at least...

bitingmidge said...

We drive past the north side to get to Brisbane proper!

Never thought of stopping.

All the best G&K, if you read Jule's blog comments, that is!

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