Monday, April 12, 2010

Waffle House, Biloxi

Waffle House Biloxi

Poor old Biloxi was all but destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and there is many a vacant lot along East Beach to show for it.

Perhaps the most notable of these is where a Waffle House once stood. I have crossed paths with this delicatessen of evil before, so I bore it little sympathy. As you can see, the sign still stands, like some dormant yet virulent root just waiting for the season to turn.

No, Waffle Houses are not built by men: they rise from beneath the surface of the earth, along with their servants, like the minions of Mordor.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Sadly they are very much like mushrooms -- spores fly away and new fungi spring up around the dead one. In this case, we now see THREE Waffle Houses within about 1.5 miles on one stretch of road. Because THAT'S what Mississippi needs....

vsheehan said...

Ok you need help. Find your nearest threapist and grab on for dear life. WH is the spawn of satan? Seriously get a grip. Here is something for you to read.
By the way if you do not get the same type of services the rest of us do at WH, did you ever think it might be your attitude that was the issue.