Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top of the Rockefeller Centre

Upon entering New York City, all visitors are required to sign a T-53 form, legally binding them to travel to the top of at least one tall building during their stay. And so, mindful of our obligation, Shelley and I chose the Rockefeller Centre.

The gilded ambience of the ground floor reminded us of our flat back in London.

Sure it was a little overcast, but we were really lucky to get in when we did; in the space of a couple of minutes — really, a couple of minutes — the view went from this, to this:

We walked past one of the attendants on the top floor and overheard him speaking into his walkie-talkie: "Visibility is zero; I repeat, visibility is zero". Sometimes walkie-talkies make you take things a little too seriously.

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