Friday, April 16, 2010

Island Burgers and Shakes, New York

Island Burgers and Shakes came highly recommended to us by longtime New York patrons, Gerrod and Kristy, and it did not disappoint. Lucky for it too, because we usually trash the interiors of places that disappoint us. (Case in point: The Golden Yak.) But as you can see, we left Island burgers pretty much as we found it.

The waitress recommended I try the 'Cowboy' burger (I didn't even tell her that my brothers and I were made to wear 10-gallon hats as children) and a chocolate milkshake. I very much enjoyed the chocolate milkshake.

Here is a picture of selectively lactose intolerant Shelley considering the repercussions of "sharing" my incredible shake. There were repercussions, but not like she anticipated.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

"selectively lactose intolerant" hahaha oh.
Jules. You are cruel and unusual.

Also: you boys could fit your heads in 10 gallon hats? Sheesh...

jason said...

That burger looks sooo good!