Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi water towerFirst port of call on our Pan-American tour was Biloxi, Mississippi, home of sunshine, water towers, American flags, casinos, long roads, big car parks, and many a Mexican restaurant.

MojitosWe had some delicious afternoon mojitos at Shady's on our first day there, followed by some outstanding fajitas somewhere else.

Shady's BiloxiHelen was trying to take a photo of us in front of Shady's when a travelin' man with one shoe offered to take one of all of us, so we accepted. One-Shod Man could not have done a better job at lining up Dan's head with the mermaid's hair in the background. Well done One-Shod Man, wherever you may be.

Nb. One-Shod Man may have been just a normal man who was in the process of changing shoes when he saw us.


bitingmidge said...

Are you sure that one-shoe man wasn't actually one-legged man?

The American phonetic spelling of "Hades" hasn't escaped my attention either. Hmmmm I see a sign! ;-)

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

The sad irony was that I was aiming for a totally ironic picture of the boys with the mutant small-headed mermaid, and ended up with a non-ironic picture of Dan wearing the mermaid's hair... which is an entirely different brand of comedy.