Friday, June 05, 2009

The Highest Peak in England

Julian and I are going on a camping trip this weekend, with some work colleagues. We're going up to the Lake District, to climb England's highest peak, Scafell Pike.

The past two weeks, we have enjoyed 27 degree days, continuous sunshine, and best of all, we could get away without taking a jumper or jacket with us when we went out.

This morning, Richard (the organiser of the event) sent us this weather report:

Wish us luck.


bitingmidge said...

Be careful kiddoes, we've been camping at 3-6 degree minimums for the last week, and it's OK when you can get some relief in a coffee shop!

We don't have wind, snow or much rain either!

Perhaps you should put it off a week, we don't want our mattress getting damp after all.

squirrel said...

sorry pa- no option of next week, it is a done deal. I am concerned about the cold though, we do not have quite enough blankets. ie. only one light one to share. It could be unpleasant.

Sweet Olive Press | Helen Evans said...

Shelley, for pity's sake buy some extra blankets! Beg borrow or steal! Considering that you wore a CARDY in BRISBANE in what I would describe as SUMMER, you are really in for it this weekend!

Sweet Olive Press | Helen Evans said...

Oh, I really like these bits:

"Very poor or appalling visibility..."


"Effect of wind on you? Mostly small."

Ah, they don't know Shelley....