Friday, May 01, 2009


More on our Australia trip very soon, but I want to interject with this for a second. This is a billboard advertisement at Waterloo train station. It was supposed to encourage passengers to buy their tickets online and take advantage of the savings.

If you take the time to read the ad, you will notice that it isn't funny, clever, or thought-provoking in any way. But it once was. Or at least sort of anyway.

See, this ad has had a few incarnations. When first put up a couple of months ago, it read "Silly Ewe" above the sheep, and "Clever You" above the man. OK, we can all live with that; a little lame, but fair enough. Then, inexplicably, the person/people in charge decided a mistake had been made: passengers no longer know the meaning of ewe - the ad had to be altered.

So they changed it to read "Knitwit" and "Clever Clogs".

Uh? What happened to the double meaning?
You mean the sheep?
That sheep's got a ticket in it's mouth.
I know, but-
Sheep are funny, and that one's got a ticket in its mouth.

Let's leave alone the fact they misspelled nitwit, (and don't tell me they were attempting some hyper-clever pun, because not only would that be stupid, but it would also defeat the purpose of making the ad more appealing to stupid people).

Finally, as if all this carcass needed was a leeeetle fine-tuning in order to make it perfect, they changed it again: "Clever Clogs" was changed back to "Clever You".

As if it MATTERED!


Stacey said...

I wonder if the problem may have been because the sheep has such huge horns, it could male; and ewe is a female sheep...

Even though most people might not know what a ewe is, everyone can google right?

Julian said...

Ha! You could be right, I didn't even think about that.

Although, my vast experience in raising sheep (google), tells me that large horns aren't necessarily exclusive to rams.

Anonymous said...


That was deep.

Dan said...

I like the sheep. I think the sheep works.

bitingmidge said...

If there had been a couple of them it could have read clever youse.Perhaps that's coming.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but feel glad you went to the bother of explaining that, it irked me seeing the latest ad on TV. I KNEW something had gone amiss! Thanks.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

It would be better to switch the picture to a horn-less sheep, even! This sign makes me quite cross.

Also Jules, I just blogged about you. Picture and all. Heh heh.